Fifty years ago, in Absalom, the Black Hand mercenary group was finally disbanded by citywide edict. Within a decade, their extensive coffers frittered away as aggrieved former targets of the group successfully targeted the once indomitable adventurers.

Time passed. The human companions of the group passed away, leaving their descendants impoverished and grafting in mundane trades for a living. The longer-lived races put aside their equipment, embittered by the ignominious end of their brotherhood.

The Black Hand faded from memory.

This year, documents came to light proving that the corruption cited as reason for the group’s disbanding had been a slanderous untruth, the culmination of a scheme by one of its previous enemies. In a quiet session, the city government rescinded the order of disbanding, a token gesture unremarked by any but local historians and the remnants of the Black Hand.

The murmurs have started… Word on the street is that a small group of survivors and descendants have brushed their old banner of its accumulated mould and dirt, and in the upstairs room of a small tavern the Black Hand prepares to flex its fingers again.

Remnants of the Black Hand is a campaign formed of smaller adventure modules and some (initially very little) homebrew content. Combat will obviously be in abundance, but this isn’t a campaign for those only interested in the mechanics. Narrative, plot and character are the focal points of this campaign.

I’m running a “mechanics-hidden” game here. Largely this means that, where possible, I’ll be hiding the results of dice rolls and giving the results in narrative form. Most dice rolls will be handled by myself, with epic narrative descriptions of the results being lavished upon you, my curious players!

We’ll be starting off with “Master of the Fallen Fortress”, a nice short vanilla module to ease you into my playstyle and give a blank canvas for your characters’ personalities to develop.

Finally, where the campaign goes after this can be influenced by my group… though be aware that I do love me some ancient mysteries ;)

Pathfinder: Remnants of the Black Hand